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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Catch Up

Been super busy lately, between changes in my job situation, trying to keep my other blog running, working on various projects, etc. Have been reading, but not updating. This is an attempt to catch up. I may miss a few things in my attempts.

Once and Future King, by T.H. White

One of the definitive re-tellings of the Arthurian myth. Extremely well-written. Extremely engaged. Frequently depressing. Glad I read it, finally.

Education of a Bodybuilder, by Arnold Schwartzanegger

Self-aggrandizing autobiography of the beginning of the Governators career. Interesting insights into the man's psychology and training. Quick, easy, read. More comprehensive review here.

Muscle: Confessions of an Unlikely Bodybuilder, by Sam Fussell

Rich Oxford kid rebels against intellectual parents by pursuing career as bodybuilder. Interesting look into the bodybuilding sub-culture, marred by a sense that the author has never really bought into the culture as much as he claims to have. More comprehensive review here.

A Companion to Wolves, by Elizabeth Bear and Sarah Monette

Faux Nordo-Germanic fantasy novel about super-intelligent wolves and the men who are bonded to them. The initial premise is interesting, and the writing is solid, but the plot ends up relying on a couple of odd deus ex machina, and includes one of the most annoying, non-Nordic cliches of all fantasy literature. There's also way to much sex for my tastes, particularly since it doesn't really add much to the story. Decent, but I have no urge to seek out the rest of the series.

Bloody Crown of Conan (Audio CD), by Robert E. Howard

Reviewed the book here. Audio version is quality is solid, voice acting is good. Have another one that I need to listen too...but so far, Tantor Media seems to do good work.

I think that covers it. Hopefully, I'll be a bit more on top of things moving forward.